Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society


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An Evaluation on the Flexural Strength of Heat Cure Polymethyl methacrylate Denture Base Resin with and without Reinforcement of Polyethylene Fiber

Pages : 1 - 5

Author : Pathak B, Mathema S, Sharma R

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Reliable Ala-Tragus Line for the Orientation of Occlusal Plane by Cephalometry

Pages : 6 - 11

Author : Shrestha L, Joshi S P

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A Comparative Study of Microorganisms Adhered to Different Surfaces of Temporary Removable Partial Dentures

Pages : 12 - 17

Author : Sharma A, Shrestha B, Chaudhari BK, Singh RK, Suwal P

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A Bibliometric Study on Articles Published in PubMed-indexed Prosthodontic Journals in the Year 2016

Pages : 18 - 25

Author : Basnet B B, Gyawali R, Allhaj MN

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Survey on Status of Prosthodontists in Nepal, Service Rendered and Their Level of Satisfaction

Pages : 26 - 32

Author : Maharjan SK, Mathema S

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Partial Edentulism in Patients Visiting the Dental Out Patient Department at the Tertiary Care Centre in the Eastern Part of Nepal

Pages : 33 - 37

Author : Shrestha P, Bhagat T

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Surface Modification of Titanium Dental Implants A Review

Pages : 38 - 46

Author : Rimal U, Joshi S, Shrestha P

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Management of Resorbed Mandibular Ridge with Neutral Zone Technique: A Case Report

Pages : 47 - 51

Author : Sharma R, Mathema S, Pathak B

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Utilizing A Bioscaffold For Socket Preservation: A Case Report

Pages : 52 - 55

Author : Adhikari K, Tandukar A, Kumar B, and Khanal B

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A Simplified Technique for Fabrication of One Piece Closed Hollow Bulb Obturator for Rehabilitating Young Adult with Total Maxillectomy A Clinical Report

Pages : 56 - 59

Author : Dhital S, Mathema S

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An Alternate Te chnique to Simplify the Process of Painting Ocular Prosthesis with the Use of Acrylic Colors

Pages : 60 - 61

Author : Bhochhibhoya A, Mathema S

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Author Guidelines

Pages : 62 - 69

Author : Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society

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