Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



This clinical case report describes the oral rehabilitation of a young male with hypoplasticAmelogenesis Imperfecta with generalized hypoplastic and pitted teeth. All the teeth showed yellowishbrown discoloration with rough irregular crowns. Patient was a young male who dissatisfied with hisappearance and his condition degraded his confidence and psychology. Numerous treatment modalitieshave been described for rehabilitation of AI patient but the limitations in the treatment exists andthe application of techniques are not universal The main objective of this selected treatment was toenhance the esthetics, restore masticatory function and eliminate the teeth sensitivity. These treatmentobjectives were successfully met by sequential approach. Treatment not only restored function andesthetic, but also showed a positive psychological impact and thereby improved perceived quality oflife.

Key words: Amelogenesis imperfecta; Mutilated dentition; Fixed prosthodontics; Full mouthrehabilitation

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