Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Introduction: It’s been over a decade since different dental speciality societies have been establishedin Nepal. These specialities have generated important human resource, which have contributed to upliftdental care syatem in Nepal. The study was designed with the objective of assessing strength and statusof dental specialities in Nepal.Materials and Methods: The cross-sectional observational study was conducted from October 2020to December 2020. Nepal Medical Council (NMC) websites, dental specialities websites as well aspersonal communication with responsible persons of the dental societies were assessed to collect data.Demographic and professional details, specialist number, age, gender, work place, place of graduationand graduation year were entered into Microsoft Excel Sheet. Data was analyzed based upon frequencydistribution and percentage.

Result: According to NMC record, total number of dental specialists in dentistry is 616, till December2020. Out of them, 451 specialists were registered with the dental societies, who were included in thisstudy. There were 6 speciality dental societies in Nepal and most of the societies were a decade old andhad more than 50 members. Orthodontics association was the oldest with 164 members. The highestnumber of specialists were in the age group 30-40 year in all the dental specialties and they weremostly working in Kathmandu valley.

Conclusion: Different dental speciality societies have been growing throughout the country whichhave produced qualified manpower for providing specialized dental services. These societies arecontributing towards achieving goals of better oral health care delivery in the nation.

Key words: Dentistry; Nepal; Post graduate; Society; Speciality.

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