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Introduction: Implant dentistry is one of the fastest growing specialty in the field in dentistry. Yet thereis a paucity of literature regarding the prevalence and the current trends of implant dentistry practiceamong dentists working in Nepal. Thus, the objective of this study was to assess the prevalence andcurrent trends of dental implants practice among the dentists working in Nepal.

Method: A cross sectional, online study was done among 267 Nepalese dentists from October, 2020to December, 2020 by convenience sampling method. Data collection was done with the help of aproforma that included socio-demographic details and predesigned questionnaire adopted from astudy done in Mumbai, India.13 The questions were developed in google form and shared to the studyparticipants through various social media for the study duration of 3 months.

Results: Out of 267 participants, 142 (53.2%) were BDS, 107 (40.1%) were MDS and remaininghad other degrees. Of the total participants, only 83 (31.1%) placed dental implants in their practice.Those who did not place dental implants referred the case mostly to periodontist (51.1%), followedby prosthodontist (34.8%). Only 72 (26.9%) had undergone formal implant training program. All thestudy participants prescribed radiograph as CBCT alone or in combination with the other radiographs.Most of the participants, who placed dental implant, did both the surgical and the prosthodontic phases.Bone level implants (74.7%), Screw retained (50.6%) and extra oral fixation (50.6%) type prostheticswere used by most of the participants. Most frequently used implant systems were Bredent (46.9%),Nobel Biocare (46.9%) and Straumann (46.9%) followed by Adin (44.5%).

Conclusion: The current study showed that dental implants practice is adopted by less than one third ofthe dentists in Nepal, that suggests the need for implementation of Continuing Professional Developmentin dental implants in Nepal to increase the knowledge and skills among dental professionals.

Key words: Implant dentistry, dental implant, current trends

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