Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Introduction: This study aimed to investigate the denture hygiene habits among old age denturewearers. The purpose of the study was to explain about the methods of maintaining denture hygieneamong denture wearers.Methods: The present cross-sectional survey was conducted among denture wearer patients duringfollow-up appointment, using a self-administered structured questionnaire.

Results: The study sample consisted of a total of 324 participants; out of them, 211 (65.1%) weremales and 113 (34.9%) were females. Regarding the method of maintaining denture cleanliness, mostof the patients cleaned it with water only (57.1%), whereas patients who cleaned with brush and pastewere less (35.8%) and very few cleaned it with a combination of water, brush and toothpaste (7.1%).

Conclusion: Majority of the patients cleaned their denture at least once daily and were provided withproper instructions from their dentist to maintain denture hygiene.

Key words: Cleaning habits, Denture hygiene, Edentulism, Elderly patients

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