Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Introduction: Selection of appropriately sized maxillary denture teeth in various types of arch form isoften a challenging aspect during complete denture rehabilitation. The correlation of facial anatomicallandmarks may serve as a reliable predictor for the selection of teeth.

Materials and methods: The maxillary arch impression of 113 dentate subjects were made, castspoured and divided into square, ovoid and tapering arch form. The position of tip of maxillary caninesin relation to commissure of mouth and midpupillary line were determined by using vacuum formedtemplate and pupillometer respectively.

Results: The result showed the significant difference in mean distance from commissure to canine tip(p<0.001) and IPD (p<0.017) among square, ovoid and tapering arch form.

Conclusion: The commissure of lip may serve as a reliable guideline for selection of anterior teethaccording to arch form and IPD/ICW can similarly be used to determine anterior teeth width.

Key words: Tip of maxillary canine, commissure of lip, interpupillary distance, arch form

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