Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Alveolar ridge deficiency is considered a major limitation for successful implant placement, as wellas for the long-term success rate, especially in the anterior maxillary region. Implants placed withoutregard for prosthetic position often results in dental restorations that are functionally and estheticallycompromised. Adequate peri-implant bone support is essential for immediate and long-term implantstability, as well as for future esthetic outcome. To achieve this goal, augmentation of lost bone is oftennecessary.A variety of surgical approaches have been proposed to enhance the alveolar bone volume. Guidedbone regeneration (GBR) is the most common technique for localized bone augmentation. GBR, byapplication of cell occlusive membranes that mechanically exclude non-osteogenic cell populationsfrom the surrounding soft tissues, has become a well-documented and highly successful procedure forlocalized augmentation of the atrophic jaw before or simultaneously with implant placement.This case report presents simultaneous approach of guided bone regeneration and implant placementin the maxillary anterior region with narrow ridge defect.

Key words: Augmentation, Esthetic outcome, Guided Bone Regeneration, Implant, Maxillary Anterior

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